In these types of cases both Sameer and I strongly believe that it is best to keep the cops out of it.

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But it won’t be so easy to clear the Internet of all of the information about him and this case.

Criminal Prosecution of Sexting Formal law enforcement response to consensual sexting within teen romantic relationships is actually quite rare.

It’s not often that these behaviors come to the attention of the police, and when they do, research shows that most of the time authorities pursue remedies outside of the criminal justice system.

This begs the question: is it appropriate to charge (or even threaten to charge) children with creating, possessing, or distributing explicit images of other children?

In some cases, yes, it may very well be necessary to get law enforcement involved.

For example, if a teen threatens to distribute sexual images of a romantic partner to a third party without the partner’s permission, or if explicit images are extorted from a minor, the police should investigate.

Janis Wolak and David Finkelhor refer to these kinds of incidents involving youth-produced sexual images as “aggravated.” Formal criminal justice involvement may be necessary if: (1) an adult is involved, or (2) youths use images recklessly (e.g., sending them to others) or in an intentionally hurtful way (e.g., posting them online).

Most of the time, however, youth are participating in what Wolak and Finkelhor call “experimental” sexting: exchanging images with romantic partners or interests, or producing and distributing them as a way to gain attention.

Two sixteen-year-olds from Fayetteville, North Carolina, did what many teens who are in romantic relationships do: they talk, they text, they hang out. Research shows that at least one-third of teens have engaged in this kind of behavior at some point in their lives.

Technically speaking, though, youth who are under the age of 18 who participate in “sexting” have .

The young man, for example, was charged with four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor for two explicit images he made and possessed of himself.