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While it’s great to listen to Korean ballads, sometimes I’m more in the mood for upbeat love songs whose lyrics I can actually understand.

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Far Away Love Do you particularly love the classics when it comes to K-rom-coms? It’s a Chinese production, released in 2016, but has the feel of favorite shows like , it goes like this: Straight-laced and emotionally numb rich-guy Shen An, a CEO of a food conglomerate, keeps having run-ins (and later gets entangled) with Meng Chu Xia (played by Li Fei Er), a clumsy, soft-hearted but stubborn 28-year-old who’s raising her nephew by herself.

Korean actor Park Hae Jin () plays the male lead, which enhances even more the Korean rom-com-feeling.

But, most important, this drama has the same tone and similar structure as those archetypal K-rom-coms: Lots of funny, cute and screwball-ish parts in the first half of the series, while later episodes add emotional depth and drama. On the downside, we have a truly cringeworthy song in Italian and a few slips into too-obvious soap opera territory – but that only marginally mars an otherwise excellent show.

As I’ve noticed with other Chinese dramas, the beginning of each episode previews too much of the plot – to remedy, just skip the first minute and 40 seconds. (For a more detailed version of this review, go here.) Southeast and Guangdong TV (China). My Amazing Boyfriend A hilarious rom-com action fantasy about an unlucky actress, Tian Jing Zhi (played by Wu Qian), who awakens a mysterious 400-year old man with superpowers.

Bound to Jing Zhi by blood ties, he moves in with the initially unwilling, rather volatile and very expressive young woman, looking for his mortal enemy. an actress and a mysterious being with superpowers? Yes, this is the Chinese drama “inspired” by and the looks of the male lead, Korean model Kim Tae Hwan, won’t let you easily forget it.But no worries: Even though there are some similarities, this is clearly not a remake.In fact, it is fun to see how the writer comes up with a different story, given the similar premise. But there’s also a strong romance aspect and even a little bit of humor in this story about a mysterious errand boy (Ji Chang Wook) called “Healer” who operates in the shady underworld of Seoul.melodramas, historicals, thrillers, fantasy and action shows.Romantic K-dramas often include aspects of these genres – in the end, though, they are mainly about the couple-to-be and have an at least somewhat happy ending.Before diving into the reviews, you might want to take a look at the FAQ page – especially if you are new to K-drama.