And my attempts at making any friends proved fruitless. This time I plumbed for a men-only site for gay/bisexual/bi-curious guys, one advertised in magazines etc.

With the latter I am able to practise my Spanish in real-life conversations and I have broadened and developed my vocabulary.

Whilst Spanish chaps have been most amiable, the residents of another European country have been rather more taciturn.

The Austrians are known for fiercely guarding their privacy: but one needs to open up a little in order to befriend others.

I speak & write Austrian-German but that has not helped.

I am left wondering whether the disability-thing is too unæsthetic for them?

Oddly, the most discomfiting experience on said site has been coming across blokes one knows.

Perhaps it is just me, but I find this actually socially embarrassing.

Outside of the virtual world one would not ignore them if one saw them; but in cyberspace there appear to be no secrets, and I am not certain I want to know the sexual fantasies, inside leg measurements and proclivities of Tom, Dick and Harry.

For the past two months I have been looking into several internet dating and/or friendship sites wondering how would I fare as a gay disabled person.

I was somewhat circumspect as I pondered whether I might: be completely ignored; or, attract the kind of folk who only have a penchant for physical deformity, or, worse still, the kind of film (movie) psychos who are only out to get their kicks from murdering me! Firstly I tried a nationally advertised dating site for men & women, gay & straight.

Yep, my imagination went running away with me and took me to irrational places. I was quite clear in my profile description that I was disabled and gay.