For more information about this feature, go to Embedded Security features .

HP recommends using the latest firmware available but if a downgrade is absolutely necessary, then use the Preboot menu at the control panel to downgrade the firmware and avoid any errors.

Any attempt to downgrade the firmware remotely-- or to downgrade using the Device Maintenance menu, the printer’s EWS, or Web Jetadmin-- will result in an error and the downgrade will fail.

There are three supported methods to perform a firmware update on this printer.

Use only one of the following methods to update the firmware of this printer either locally or remotely.

If the printer is in an error state, use Depending on the firmware release version, the Preboot menu method using a USB flash drive that is typically used when the printer is in an error state might be recommended even when the printer is in a ready state.

Method one: Embedded Web Server (EWS) The Embedded Web Server (EWS) can be used to update the firmware remotely on a network-connected printer in a ready state.

Similar to service packs for operating systems, HP provides firmware updates for printers to help address any known issues and add new features throughout the support life of the printer.

To make sure the printer is up to date, HP recommends updating the firmware for HP Enterprise models.

For instructions on how to update the firmware for multiple printers at one time using HP Web Jetadmin, go to Update firmware using HP Web Jetadmin .

For information about updating Jetdirect Print Servers using HP Web Jetadmin or HP Download Manager with FTP or the Jetdirect Embedded Web Server, go to com/go/wja_firmware .

If you attempt to downgrade the firmware from a remote location to a version older than Future Smart Bundle Version 3.7 for some newer HP Enterprise printer models, the downgrade will fail and you will receive a control panel error and a event log message.

This is due to a new security feature that requires someone to be present at the printer in order to perform a firmware downgrade and prevents HP Sure Start printers from being downgraded remotely.

This applies to HP Enterprise models M506, M552, M553, M604, M605, and M606.