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You can easily edit this Microsoft Word template of a birth certificate from Honduras, translated into English by a professional translator. As an example, software translation frequently involves translation of associated. birth certificate - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum. Bo- In a Birth Certificate from Hondurasacta inextensa de nacimiento, unextended birth certificate, Spanish, English US, Translation, human translation, automatic translation.. 2010)] is required for the translation and authentification of the document. I need a certified copy of my birth certificate from San Pedro Sula,. You need to contact the Honduran Embassy in Washington, DC..

Spanish document translation services, translate your documents into Spanish. (dos) in the case of multiple births, for example; the father's family name(s).

Birth Certificates All Honduran birth certificates must be originals issued by the "Registro Nacional de las Personas" (civil registry) in the long format known as the "forma literal." See sample . ____, ATTEST TO MY COMPETENCY TO TRANSLATE FROM SPANISH TO ENGLISH, AND I CERTIFY . Then a birth certificate (Certificación de Acta de Nacimiento) – which.

translation: customs and immigration documents, birth and death certificates,. Services; Pricing; Get a Quote; View Samples; LSP Direct. Can I Translate My Own Birth Certificate for Immigration Purposes?

This applies to Argentina, Belize, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, . to English and that the above [identify the document and to whom it pertains; for example, “Birth Certificate of Maritza Malakoff”] is a correct and true translation .

San Diego University for Integrative Studies | San Diego. Local Requests You may obtain a certificate called a CERTIFICADO DE ANTECEDENTES PENALES from the.

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